Souper Bowl 2020 350wDuring Football Season in Glen Rock, you know where you'll find us.

Walk down any street in our neck of the woods on any given Sunday afternoon during football season and you'll likely hear the sounds of that day's football game coming from the TV in household after household. Look around and you'll see lots of us dressed in the colors and jerseys of our favorite team as we run errands around town. 

Yes, here at Zion, we enjoy a friendly contest from time to time – especially when it allows us to also help those in need in our community.

So, once the NFL Conference Championship games decide the Super Bowl contenders, we're all focused on Super Bowl Sunday.  At that point, we start voting for our favorite team in a most unique way.  We bring cans of soup to church and add them to the bin sporting our team's logo. We carefully watch the two bins that are set up in the upstairs Fellowship Hall -- one for each team -- to see which is most popular according to the amount of soup collected.  Each can counts as one vote. 

The 2020 Super Bowl takes place on Sunday, February 2nd, and the contenders are the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. 

Which team will you root for? 

Souper Bowl bins 2020 350wAnyone can "play the game."  Just bring your soup cans and deposit them in the box for your team by the time of the Super Bowl game. After the game day, we'll count the "votes."  For those that “vote” for the team that ultimately wins, there are bragging rights. For all of us, there is the satisfaction of helping our community, since all those cans of soup are then taken to the Southern York County Pantry. We hope you will join in the fun this year.