While there are typically many opportunities for members to serve, and we are always grateful for your kind service, most service opportunities are current curtailed due to the need to follow COVID-19 guidelines set out by the state officials and the Synod. 

We offer the following reminders:

  • If you are interested in serving the church in any capacity listed on the Servants List, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Please select the newest Servants List below to compare against your personal schedule; and if you are listed on a date when you have a conflict, please make your own arrangements for coverage. 

  • Please also check your schedule for the two months subsequent to those most recently listed below; and if you know of dates on which you will not be available during that timeframe, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in advance.

Current Servants List

Assisting Ministers:

     July 17: Linda Beegle

     July 24: Church Picnic – TBA

     July 31: Shirley Seitz

     Aug. 7: Butch Hengst

     Aug. 14: Diane Bortner

     Aug. 21: George Brown

     Aug. 28: Donna Price

Upcoming Lectors:

     July 17: Donna Price

     July 24: Church Picnic – TBA

     July 31: Susie Hengst

     Aug. 7: Linda Beegle

     Aug. 14: Shirley Seitz

     Aug. 21: Kelley Fisher

     Aug. 28: Jenn Webb

Council Offering Duty:

            July – Tom Bailey, Gevene Harden

            August – Rick Freda, Donna Price

Altar Care:

            July – Shirley Seitz

            August – Diane Bortner

Social Time:

07/17    Beegle Family
07/24    Church Picnic - no Social Time
07/31    Fisher Family
08/07    Becki McCullough 
08/14    Rick Freda/Michael Warns
08/21    Jeff/Pam Hoffman
08/28    Kay/Jim Hoffman
09/04    Tom/Pam Spangler
09/11    Jen/Eric Webb
09/18    Sheree Sidler
09/25    Beegle Family
10/02    Bev Reindollar
10/09    Fisher Family
10/16    Jeff/Pam Hoffman
10/23    Rick Freda/Michael Warns
10/30    Becki McCullough
11/06    Kay/Jim Hoffman
11/13    Tom/Pam Spangler
11/20    Jen/Eric Webb
11/27    Sheree Sidler
12/04    Beegle Family
12/11    Bev Reindollar
12/18    Fisher Family
12/25    Jeff/Pam Hoffman

Previous Servants Lists

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November / December 2019

September / October 2019 

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